Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Simple Read - Friday Afternoon Club Mysteries

These are excellent books by Cyndy Salzmann, if you don't know who she is you can visit her website at She's full of insight on organizing and I love that she's quick to say that 'the key to making a home a haven is daily dependence on God'.
This is so true! I am quick to say that I know I must die to self daily and pick up the cross, I want to be an empty vessel for Christ to use and if I'm full of myself how can I invite Him in, no, it's all about being filled with Christ.

These books are about a group of ladies that meet each Friday for some 'girl' time, I'm not a person that's ever felt the need for 'girl' time but then again I've never met such a group of ladies as these! The books are filled with humor and mystery and I really enjoy being with this group of ladies, they are eclectic and yet seem to compliment each other, I guess that's what friendship is all about.

I read the first book and am currently reading the second, at the rate I'm going I'll have it done before bedtime. I've got laundry going and have been to the grocery but still have some chores to attend to. It's a rainy, chilly day here in our part of Kentucky, the perfect kind of day to just cuddle up and read....once those chores are done....most of them....well, okay some of them....I'll do a about one?....okay just let me get back to my reading then!!!!LOL

If you are looking for a bit of fiction humor by an excellent Christian author then this is the series you're looking for, I give this series:

10 welcome candles

(1-okay 10-awesome)

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