Saturday, November 7, 2009

Simple Homekeeping

Life has been very unorganized these last few weeks, with my bout with depression things just seemed to have gotten out of hand. Katie is an excellent homekeeper and keeps things so tidy but the problem was our master bedroom. Our master bedroom is on the first floor and it's pretty large compared to the rest of the house but we this is also where we have the computer and desk, which means people in and out all day. Well, I like things a certain way so I told everyone that I would get our room straightened out when I was able to do things and have a clear mind. My bout is over so now it's time to get moving. I've spent the day clearing out some spaces, moving things to their proper place, making soap (because Christopher was almost out and needed some), took pics of our signs, did some things in the kitchen for Katie, cleaned out closets and then cut up potatoes, carrots and onions to put in a cooking bag in the oven with stew beef, Katie made some of her yummy white bread (per Chris' request), so that's what we're having for supper.
Lots to do when things go undone for awhile, but it could not be helped and I don't feel guilty at all, sometimes you can only do what you can do. Tomorrow we rest and enjoy spending time together and I plan to spend some time in the afternoon updating my home management binder and crocheting some Christmas gifts.

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