Sunday, November 29, 2009

Simple Gifts

Christmas has become a time of enjoying the simple things here at our home.  Years ago it was buying all the big toys for our little ones but our kids are now adults so the gifts are much different.  We do no go all out at Christmas, we love to decorate but even that has been simplified through the years and I've found that less is better.  I love all the overdone Christmas homes but for our home it's just pretty simple and peaceful.  We get a cut tree, decorate the front door with our homemade wreath and maybe put a few lights outside, even that has been cut down dramatically because of the time it takes to do it all and keeping things plugged in everywhere, just too much.
We also make a lot of our own gifts, we make candles, soaps, homemade crocheted items like dishcloths, ponchose, scarfs, afgans, shawls, etc. and also we make some items in our woodshop that we personalize.  Lots of gifts going now and plenty to be made, the busyness in our Christmas season is usually handwork and of course lots of cookies, candies and homemade goodies from Katie's kitchen!
The more busy and complicated the world gets the more I desire to simplify and get very quiet, life is peaceful and very, very good.  This whole season is about one thing and one thing only, Jesus...the ultimate gift.

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