Saturday, November 14, 2009

Simple Days

Today and yesterday were days of being in the car all day running errands. We live a ways from town so there's no way to get there quickly so we spend a lot of time traveling. I do not enjoy these days very much, I'm a homebody and always will be!!! I love being at home and taking care of things here, working on our home business or just sitting and chatting with Christopher and Katie....we spend a lot of time sitting and chatting!!!! Dan is a watch TV kinda fellow, he's happy to be sitting in front of the TV watching Kentucky Wildcat Basketball, westerns, and he loves those disgusting emergency room shows that are so very gross!!! He is a sport guy and can watch them all day. Through the years I've had friends that have said 'how can you stand for him to be sitting there watching TV all day', my response is very long as he's home with me it doesn't bother me at all, that's just his thing. Dan would never dream of stopping at a sports bar or anyplace else, he either stops to get something for his sweet little mama if she needs something or he might stop at the store to get a treat but he always comes straight how on earth could I complain about him watching TV...I love him being home!
Now we are finally home and Katie is making us Chicken Parmesan (Christopher's request) with salad and Panera asiago cheese bread. Being home is so wonderful and the fact that Dan is so eager to come home everyday means that our home is a good place to be, that makes this keeper at home very happy!!!

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