Friday, November 20, 2009

Oh no! Eggo's Waffle Shortage!!! A Simple Solution

I've been searching the web this afternoon just for something to keep me occupied so I don't start reading and doze off, I did not sleep last night (which happens sometimes) and I don't want to take a nap today or I'll not sleep tonight either. I was looking around at some of my favorite blogs and oh how I love to see how everyone decorates their pretty homes, I especially enjoy country decorating with some primitive thrown in. I enjoy looking at the primitive decorating but I detest crows and don't care for some of the darker colors used in the decorating, I like things a bit brighter. Anyway, I so enjoy looking at others choices for decorating and it gives me some really good ideas of my own, someday I'll take some photos of my decorating and put them on this blog.
The point of this post is a bit more newsy than me perusing blogs, I also noticed that the third most searched for words for today are about Eggo frozen waffles. If you've not heard or seen, which I saw at our local Kroger the other day, they had some problems with their production so it will be quite awhile until they Eggo's are back in the freezer section of the stores. I decided to check and see what people are saying about this and found it interesting that this is actually a stumbling block in peoples lives!!!!...some of the parents said they didn't know what they were going to do because that's all their kids would eat for lady said they are going to ration them so their children only have half each morning so they'll last longer!!!

I find this incredibly interesting since the majority of our population here in the US live for their gadgets and kitchen gadgets rank right up there as some of the most purchased items, truly a waffle iron can be found for less than $10 just about anywhere and you know as well as I do that most folks have at least one in their pantry that they've probably never even taken out of the box! Makes you wonder if they even know that a frozen waffle is just a waffle that's been cooked and then....frozen, pretty simple huh? So let's see, we throw some flour, eggs, oil and a couple other ingredients in a big bowl, mix it up, heat up the waffle iron and just keep making them until you run out of batter...let them cool and put in a freezer bag to be heated up later in a toaster. And you can even cut up some blueberries, chocolate chips, strawberries or make them with buttermilk and you have some Eggo waffles, except much better and healthier if you use your own ingredients and control the sugar content, etc. Not only that but it's always nice to have homemade and it's especially great on the budget, and think of all the packaging that is not being thrown in the landfills.

Doing a google search brings up over 932,000 recipes so really you can really go crazy with this, even making them a savory instead of a sweet.

Part of the simple life for me is making meals from scratch and making them with simple ingredients, what could be simpler than making a waffle? Yep, pretty simple stuff and amazing to me that people are actually stressing over the lack of Eggo waffles....I can see being concerned about a shortage of milk, eggs, meats, veggies, fruit, etc....but a shortage of frozen waffles, simply amazing!

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