Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Not so Simple Read - Deadline/Dominion/Deception by Randy Alcorn

These images are from Randy Alcorns website, you can purchase the books at http://epm.org/books/fiction-index.htm .
Deception, is a spin-off of Randy’s first two novels, Deadline and Dominion. Ollie Chandler is a brilliant and quick-witted homicide detective with exceptional deductive skills and street smarts. He's a police department legend for his off-beat methods that solve crimes and coax confessions. Read more...

Deadline is the story of a politically correct journalist forced by tragic and mysterious circumstances to come to terms with his own mortality. In the process he must also deal with the consequences of his skewed perspectives on life, family, morality, and religion. Intended for believers and unbelievers. Read more...

In the footsteps of his best-selling novel Deadline, author Randy Alcorn tells an exciting story filled with drama. The characters are so real you'll never forget them. Read more...

I have been extremely impressed with this series, I like to read fiction but also to be challenged and to learn something along the way, that's why I love Christian fiction, it always reminds me of things that need to be brought to my attention.
This series by Randy Alcorn has been one of the toughest I've ever read, because it put me in situations I've not been in. I was shown life in the inner city that I've heard of but probably would never have seen. I learned about the inner workings of gangs, their jargon and the hierarchy and a glimpse of the anger and hatred that sparks such violence. I was shown life as a detective, complete with all of the 'Dick Tracy' jargon and saw the violence that is commonplace in their life. I was shown life as a newspaper reporter and how what is written can spark such deep emotions, some good and some so very dark.
The depth in these books has to come from some serious research, it shows and you are pulled into their world and feel their emotions and fears. Not every author can accomplish this so it's incredible that I felt this in all three books of the series.
I'm a Caucasian 49 year old woman that has not seen much of this in my life, it's just that I've always lived in Kentucky, just outside of town or in the country. My life before children was a computer operator/computer room manager back in the late 70's and early 80's and that company was also out of the urban areas, since then my life has been about raising/homeschooling our children and keeping our home while Dan works, I did work for short times as a NA in a nursing home with my mother (we loved our jobs!) and a teacher at a MDO program at our former church and babysat occasionally. We've driven through Cincinnati going to Dr. appointments at Children's hospital, so we've seen the inner city, just never saw any of the real life there.
These books took me to a place I would probably never had gone, we all of course have our own problems, worries, concerns, fears and troubles but these books not only put me in the lives of those I've never known, the truth is in the fact that through all of it the hope of Heaven and life eternal with Christ is the ultimate experience. I was also given a glimpse of Mr. Alcorn's fictional view or Hell and I know without a doubt that I don't want to go there, but maybe more importantly...and what we were really to see, is that we must show God's love to all we meet...because not only do I not want to go to that Hell, I would not wish that upon my very worst enemy.
I'm glad I read this series and I'm glad to move on to something a little less intense, but I'm a different person from having read them and I will never, ever go back to the person I was, I'm certainly changed forever.

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