Monday, November 9, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook

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For Today, November 9th, 2009...
Here in Kentucky...

Outside my window.....dark clouds in the sky, overcast but warm. Definitely looks like Fall outside, the trees are almost barren and grass is losing it's lushness!

I am we take for granted the smallest things in life
, like a bed to sleep in, running water, remote controls for everything! I grew up being the remote control!!!...back when we had to manually change the channels, it was always the kid's job!

I am thankful, specifically for our son Tommy, what an incredible blessing he is to us! Such love we have for him!

I am wearing.....lavender calico jumper, lavender top and sandals...too warm for socks and shoes

I am remembering.....the excitement we felt when we moved into this home, we are people that appreciate the smallest of things, just having a deck to stand on to watch the stars at night out here in the country, we could never see them with the city lights!

I am plans for the week, hopefully just a couple of trips to the grocery for fresh items

I am reading.....well, I finished the first two books in the Sophie Trace series by Kathy Herman and can't wait for the next one to come out! Right now I'm
reading the Jacques & Cleo series by Gilbert Morris, it's a pretty good series but I seem to miss the suspense and mystery from the other books I've read recently.

I am finish up taking the photos of our signs and open our website very soon!

On My Mind.....really just the need to get things organized an
d in their place, I'm getting there but it's a process that takes awhile and a lot of effort!

From the learning rooms.....our homeschool days are over but we're constantly learning, I am enjoying reading some dear Christian ladies blogs and trying out some of their ways to organize, menu plan and most importantly the upkeep!

Noticing that.....everything seems so much quieter in the fall, even inside our home, just a few small noises here and there. We're not folks that leave a T
V on all day so our days are pretty quiet, very nice!!!

Pondering these words.....'Bloom where you are planted', I constantly have to remind myself of this, I must enjoy today and not fret about tomorrow. My home may not be the ultimate farm house that we want, but I'll enjoy it 'today' and be grateful!

From the kitchen.....we made brownies last night for those with a sweet tooth during the week, tonight we'll be having leftovers from the last week, one of those 'you choose' meals!

Around the house.....very quiet today, my Katie is feeling sick with a headache, Christopher is busy with his 'things' and I'm just trying to be quiet and stay close to Katie in case she needs me, Dan will be home soon after running an errand after work for his sweet mom.

One of my favorite things.....sitting down and watching the Road to Avonlea series, we've been watching these for years and have almost all of them on DVD now, the story lines are great and it's just such an excellent wholesome show, it's definitely our favorite series of all time. The only channels we really watch are Food Network, TLC (love the Duggars!!!), Travel channel, Create and Fox Soccer Channel (for Christopher and Katie's Europea
n 'Football' games). We don't watch sitcoms, etc., they've just all become so ridiculous...just trash!!! So we enjoy our DVD's, that way we choose what we watch!

From my Picture Journal.....
Our Katie covered up with her 'Nani' bear (Nani plays for Manchester United) with her Manchester United scarf folded up on her head, this is the way you see Katie every time they're playing!!! We just think she's so cute!!! Odd, but cute!!!

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