Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Simple Treats! Caramel Apple Cider..yummy

It is getting unbelievably cold here in our part of Kentucky! I was out in the garage in our woodshop a few minutes ago trying to paint and my fingers were getting numb from the cold! We usually have a pretty mild, sometimes too hot October and then a bit chilly in November but this is downright cold for October! Oh, I love fall and all the beauty of it and the coziness of filling our home with warmth, pulling out the extra blankets, making cocoa or warm cider, but it seems to have caught me off guard this year. It is a bit disconcerting because the Proverbs31 woman would be ready for each season and her home and family would be clothed with proper clothing, her home would be prepared with all the lamps ready for the darker days, I'm a bit disappointed with myself but am trying to play catch up so I can have everything prepared for our family. One thing I have really been very lax in is keeping up with my to-do list and having my home management binder all set for the next season, time seems to be moving at rocket speed and I'm still sitting in the slow lane. I have decided to get my self in gear and get things prepared for the coming season, actually I think it's already here!!! Tonight, Katie made us a nice warm cup of caramel apple cider, so yummy! We got some cider at the grocery (it was made locally) and bought a bottle of caramel ice cream topping, she just puts a bit of the topping in the cider and warms it up....soooo comforting and soothing! The beauty of it is not only the taste but the smell, the whole house smells so good with it simmering on the stove! Well, I'm off to get some summer clothes put away and get things ready for the cool temps!

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