Saturday, October 3, 2009

Simple Thoughts on Raising Children

I've been listening to the news and have decided that we're a nation of news overload. I know we need to be aware of what's going on in our world but do we have to know every little detail of every little thing that happens? I have no desire to listen to news about celebrities, I don't know many of them because I never go to movies and don't watch CBS, NBC, ABC, etc. We watch PBS sometimes, although you have to really watch and gauge what you watch on the PBS stations also. We like to watch the DIY stations but lately are getting tired of those also, way too many reality shows on, I just want to learn how to do something, I really don't need to know about the lives of those demonstrating it.
I watch Fox News Channel to get my news and between that and what Dan tells me that he's heard while at work I really think we get enough news. I learned years ago that, contrary to popular belief you have to monitor the news stations closely when you have young children in the home. It does not do them any good to hear about the horrors that go on across the country with this family or that, it simply puts fear of everything in their minds and fear is what Satan grabs on to and can distort our minds if we let the fear fester.
Years ago when our kids were little I had a sister-in-law that would simply thwart every idea I had and manipulate it to sound as though I was such a strict and domineering mother, so many times it was 'Judy won't let her kids do this....or that', I have always thought that being cautious with my children is first priority, my decisions would determine their future and I found that to be a huge responsibility.
Just because some person somewhere decides that a movie can be viewed by children by making it G, PG or even PG-13 doesn't mean I have to believe it, and I think it's our responsibility as parents to view things before our children do. I had lots of people tell me that was wrong because it's government guidelines. I follow the laws as an adult and am very proud to be an American....but when it comes to my children, Dan and I have always had the final say in every decision, I believe this to be the way God ordained it.
Homeschooling was very rare in our area when we first started, we were definitely the 'oddballs' when people found out we homeschooled, yes, they thought we were nuts!
I am not anti-public schools, this is just the decision we made for our family and it worked for us, our kids are also pro-homeschooling and have never had a thought to sending their own future children to a school, we believe homeschooling to be the best way for parents to influence their own kids.
Now that our kids are grown they're free to make their own decisions and they seem to be making good ones, it was all the seeds that we planted in their formative years. This does not mean we brainwashed our kids, far from it, we want them to be determined, decision making adults, not some clone of us. The have their own likes and dislikes and that's find, ultimately they will make their own decisions and we will always stand behind them, as long as they're making sure to look to Him first, we know they will do fine.

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