Thursday, October 15, 2009

Simple Thoughts on Our Attitudes

These are just some thoughts I found in my hope to cleanse myself of a bad attitude, every moment of every day:

Give up Complaining -
focus on gratitude instead
Give up Harsh Judgments -
think kind thoughts
Give up worry -
trust God
Give up discouragement -
be full of hope
Give up bitterness -
turn to forgiveness
Give up hatred -
return good for evil
Give up anger -
practice patience
Give up pettiness -
put on maturity
Give up gloom -
enjoy beauty
Give up gossiping -
control my tongue

You'll notice that with all of these, it is our choice...we must give up the bad for the good. It's all about how we respond to a situation, are we going to let it dictate our response or can we make the choice to respond in a Christlike way. Although I have to daily be reminded, I choose to look to the Cross for my choice.
We can't possibly come to the cross to worship Him with any of the above attitudes, He wants us to be cleansed of what the world would have us do, but ultimately it's our decision. I've disappointed a lot of people in this world, but the thought of disappointing Him is simply too much to bear.

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