Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Simple Read - Dominion by Randy Alcorn

After reading the first book 'Deadline', in this series I was anxious yet apprehensive about reading the next one. Randy's books are intense and I find that I'm drawn in after page 2, this doesn't work for me with most books because it usually takes awhile to understand what's going on but in this series he gets straight to the point in the first couple of chapters and then you find that you can't put it down.
I started reading Dominion on Thursday evening after finally getting it from the library, I wasn't sure I wanted to read such a serious book after going through my bout with depression but I couldn't wait so I went ahead and started it that evening and finished it today, I really couldn't put it down.
There are some new characters but we're brought back to the ones from the first book also, this is what I love about reading a series of books, I like getting to know the people from book to book.
In Deadline there were things that were brought to my mind that I had never had to think about before and really didn't want to think about them then, but throughout the book I realized that what I was being brought into was the most incredible things and my thoughts on forgiveness, love, Heaven and Christ were being challenged repeatedly and I had to face some things I had never heard before. There was a reality in it that added a new dimension to my faith and my picture of Heaven. Randy makes it clear that these are the images he personally is writing about, of course we won't know the truth until we get there, but I really had my eyes opened to some different possibilities.

Now, in Dominion you're once again brought into the book almost from the very beginning, since I knew this was a book dealing with gang violence I almost put it aside because I didn't know much about it and thought maybe I wouldn't be able to understand. I was completely wrong, the gang violence is simply a tidbit of the realities in this book and I learned so much, I can't even imagine the research that was done to get this book written, simply incredible.

We follow along with a fellow reporter (Clarence) of Jake's as he deals with some serious life issues and has to face some real facts about his attitude towards racial issues. Throughout the book we learn about situations from the days of slavery, so much that I had never thought of and probably didn't want to think about. I realize that I was never taught very much about slavery in school, we learned some things but I don't think school history books tell you all sides of it, what I saw through Clarence's eyes gave me a whole new perspective on things. I have always known that we are all one in the sight of God and had seen prejudice growing up but these are things that go much deeper. As with his first book, this book is intense and factual on many things while with others we are left to come to our own conclusion.

After I finished it, I put it down and said, 'That's it, no more Randy Alcorn books'. Christopher said you know you don't mean that and I didn't but these books are not full of fluff, prepare to be a different....better...person after reading them. I've already got book 3 on hold at the library and will probably go pick it up tomorrow, I'm already wanting to start it!

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