Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Simple Read: Books by Kathy Herman

Tested by Fire
Tested by Fire (Book One)

When a bizarre houseboat explosion rocks the close-knit community of Baxter, firefighters, friends, and neighbors stand powerless as the McConnells' blazing hull sinks to the bottom of Heron Lake. Grief turns to outrage as new evidence proves....................this is from Kathy's website, the first in the Baxter series.

I've really become a fan of Christian suspense fiction lately, I love that there's a mystery to solve and enjoy it especially when it's a series of boks, just allows you to get to know the folks throughout all the books.

I've been reading Kathy Herman's books lately, she writes multiple series books but the fun thing about the ones I've read so far is that although each series is in a different setting there's still a connection to the folks in the last series.
To read her books in order you would read:

The Baxter Series
Seaport Suspense Series
Phantom Hollow Series

I just finished the Phantom Hollow series today and have to say that I just love her writing. She draws you in from the first couple of pages and her characters are believable and you almost find yourself thinking they remind you of Alice down the street, or Ruby from high school, you know just ordinary folks. The huge draw to her books is that there is suspense, intrigue and just enough about the murders so you know there was one without giving you the gory details that sometimes go a bit far. There's a great storyline with a direct Christian connotation, so you know you're going to be involved in the lives of folks that have to endure problems but walk with the Lord as they do. The beauty of this is that we see a side of these people when they're praising God and also when they're questioning everything they've ever believed about God. That's just how we all are isn't it? When tragedy strikes we're suddenly questioning everything, maybe angry at God but we always know that He's there. When we walk with Christ we will always have problems, we live in a fallen world, but the true comfort is that He walks it with us.

I found that I saw myself in these folks in Baxter, Seaport and Phantom Hollow, at different times through my years I've faced things they have to deal with.

After I finish my Randy Alcorn book I'll be starting on the Sophie Trace Trilogy, which is the next series from Kathy Herman, looking at her website I see that these are all finished and she's started on a new series called the Langley Manor Trilogy which will have some of the folks from Sophie Trace.

These books have multiple mysteries in them, which I love, and they follow a great storyline that keeps you interested from beginning to end. They have a bit of romance, but nothing steamy, which is great because I really do not like reading romance books at all, I just think they can make us all compare our lives to theirs and find that ours comes up short, that's just not a good thing to involve yourself in. Kathy's books have just enough to make you smile and see Christ in the writing and the characters, what a great gift she has!

You can find Kathy's books at, and other Christian bookstores.

She also has a stand alone fiction book titled Poor Mrs. Rigsby that is excellent also. Once again, it's just so wonderful to be able to read a fiction mystery suspense book, without worrying about filling our minds with profanity and all the other filth you find in most modern fiction books, what a blessing to have wonderful Christian fiction authors.

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