Saturday, October 10, 2009

Simple Life Choices...To not 'Go with the Flow'

For most of my years on this earth I simply believed that the world dictates certain things and we are to simply follow, never to veer from the course that's been set forth by the generations past, generations present and generations in the future. In other words you are to simply 'go with the flow'. I was raised in a normal household, climbed on the school bus every morning and went to our local public school, went to the dentist every six months, had all my childhood vaccinations....we followed along the same as everyone else never questioning whether the decisions were right or wrong, you just follow the crowd.
I'm 49 now so my peers and I grew up in the 60's, learned a lot about life in the 70's, started our families in the 80's.....but.....then it seems we started questioning some decisions that were being made for us and not necessarily by us, so coming into the 90's we were suddenly faced with some questions and we either stopped to answer these questions on our own or we filed along diligently with the 'crowd'.
This is where I believe we realized that all the decisions that were being made were maybe not the best decisions after all. The generations of the past had been learning generations, they had to make life or death decision in their lives about their families but we were simply sailing into what was already established and surely with all of the 'intelligent' folks in the scientific community we had answers and didn't need to decide for ourselves whether they were correct or not. It is at this point that I will explain where I decided to veer far away from the 'norm', you see suddenly it was a matter of the norm maybe not being the best or safest thing for our families.
I'm not an anti-government person, quite the contrary I love being an American and love the freedoms that we have in our country and will defend to the end the truths that this country was founded on....not the truths that are now being twisted....the truths that our country was founded on over 200 years ago. I certainly may despise what you say but I will defend to the end your right to say it, freedom of speech is a wonderful thing!
My first question was 'why do my children have to be vaccinated?', you see if your children are in public school they have to be vaccinated. Well, my sweet pediatrician (who by the way was also my husbands pediatrician when he was a child) said that with the laws in place now we had to have our children vaccinated for them to attend public school, this should have been my first red flag but instead I said 'okay' and allowed all of the vaccinations. We now know that these same vaccinations are 'probably' responsible for the huge increase in autism, neurological problems, physical problems etc. that our children are now living with, yes they've been dealt this hand because of our lack of knowledge and unfortunately they're living with problems because of our decisions. Our two youngest children both have epilepsy, this didn't show up until a few years ago but we do know that the problems from these childhood vaccines may now show up until their adult years, of course not every child will have problems, some will have none at all while I knew of children that died the same day they were vaccinated. I of course signed the papers for their vaccinations and looking back wish I would have done more research on them but our sweet old pediatrician said 'it's okay, they need to have these', he's been dead a number of years now but I wonder what he would think if he knew the effects we're now seeing from those same vaccines.
I compare this to those commercials you see for medications that tell you what a wonder drug this is for 30 seconds and then spend the remainder of their 2 minute commercial on the 'possible' side effects, let's face it a lot of the time the medications sound far worse than the symptoms you were facing with the problem to begin with and do we really have to grow more eyelashes, erase every blemish...and oh the list for the birth control products are simply frightening...yeah, maybe what the Bible says about children being a gift from the Lord makes some sense...huh???...and of course with the deadly diseases out there an unwanted pregnancy should be the least of your worries if you decide to be free with your body to whomever comes along.
I wish all those years ago there would have been rules in place that listed every possible side effect our children could have from those vaccinations, the paper I signed simply said I gave my permission, nothing about the possible side effects. I realize this was 25 years ago and rules maybe are more stringent now than they were then, not having any little ones now I just don't know.
We've veered from the norm for many things in our lives, I quit my job when our oldest was born, our children were never with a babysitter unless it was my mother or my sweet sister, otherwise it was Dan or I, no we didn't go out to get away from our kids, we took them with us everywhere we went....oddly enough we even had fun with our children being with us!!!
We pulled them out of school and homeschooled them when everyone (except for my brother) told us it was the stupidest thing we could ever do....if you knew our adult children you would now know how the stupid ones were!
None of our children have been interested in college, Christopher may have to at some point to attend seminary but right now he's just home with us deciding and studying on his own, we do not believe that kids have to have jobs at a certain age, we do not want them to be rushed into decisions that they might later regret. I'm still a stay at home wife and mom and we live in a small house without brand new cars but we are blessed beyond measure, the love and laughter in our home is worth far more to us than all the money in the world.

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