Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wow! Post #100! I Simply didn't know I had so much to say!

For post 100 I thought I would share 100 things I love about living the simple life:
  1. Peace
  2. Time for family
  3. Time with my Lord
  4. Creating
  5. Wondering
  6. Simple joys
  7. Katie and I crocheting together sitting in our rockers on the front porch
  8. Katie and I breaking fresh green beans in our rockers
  9. All of us sitting on the porch chatting, sharing our dreams and hopes
  10. A full clothesline blowing in the breeze
  11. The smell of fresh baked bread
  12. No need to hurry
  13. Visiting my sweet little parents anytime
  14. Kindred simple living friends
  15. Homemade cards
  16. The pretty scents when we make our soaps
  17. The feel of a fresh lotion bar straight out of the mold, so silky and smooth
  18. Handmade napkins
  19. Watching Katie fill the big pottery bowl with her bread making ingredients
  20. Dan walking in the door from work
  21. Candles poured by our hands
  22. Scobies!
  23. Homemade buttermilk
  24. Learning from Christopher and Katie
  25. Enjoying family members dropping by, we have a huge extended family
  26. Dreaming
  27. Always enjoying the change of seasons
  28. Globby homemade laundry detergent!
  29. Avonlea! Our favorite series! (we have it on DVD)
  30. Lot's of hugs
  31. Very frequent trips to the library (love that we can put books on hold online and pick up at their drive thru window!)
  32. Sending goodies to my sweet mother in love!
  33. Sending out a daily family prayer list email to my family, I have a huge extended family and love that we can keep in touch through email
  34. Throwing all the windows open and enjoying the wonderful breeze
  35. Freshly cleaned windows!
  36. Bare feet!
  37. Handmade quilts
  38. Kefir smoothies
  39. Chemical free homemade cleaning products (we started this years ago because of sensitive skin issues and are so glad we did!)
  40. Fresh cut grass
  41. My sweet little sister
  42. My very precious older brothers
  43. God's grace and mercy
  44. Homemade sour cream
  45. Homemade cream cheese
  46. Simple hairstyles
  47. Cutting our own hair
  48. Embracing my gray hair, no chemical fake color for me!
  49. Listening to my sweet mama play her hammer dulcimer
  50. Appalachian music
  51. A rare treat of going to Cracker Barrel, my favorite restaurant, love the atmosphere
  52. Listening to crickets
  53. Chasing lightening bugs
  54. Campfires in the back yard
  55. Sleeping in tents in the back yard
  56. Viewing incredible things that Chris finds through his telescope
  57. Tommy visiting!
  58. Handmade skirts and dresses
  59. Embroidering handmade hankies
  60. Lehmans!
  61. Fresh herbs
  62. Simple meals
  63. Beeswax candles dipped by our hands
  64. Finding a source for local honey in bulk
  65. Reading aloud
  66. Katie's giggle
  67. Christopher saying 'mother!' when I sing loudly with Brandon Heath!
  68. The beep of Dan's car doors locking, letting me know he's home!
  69. The blessing of the availability of prescription drugs, wish we didn't need them but am so thankful since we have ongoing health issues
  70. Glitter!
  71. Filling Katie's hope chest
  72. My daily Mary Engelbreit calendar pages
  73. Homemade crocheted dishcloths
  74. Birdwatching
  75. Spider webs - don't like spiders but I'm amazed by their webs
  76. Daily inspiration from so many sources
  77. Hearing 'I love you' so many times through the day
  78. Tommy's voice on the phone
  79. Houseplants
  80. My big round kitchen table...this table was my in-laws for all the years they lived in their house and it was actually there when they visited their relatives in that house when they were young. When they sold their house they gave us the table, it's close to 100 years old and I cherish it, so very special!
  81. Visiting my sweet mother-in-love
  82. Starbucks! We don't go out much but when we go by a Starbucks we just have to get a Cinnamon Dolce Latte, yesterday we were out and tried their Pumpkin Spice latte..yummy!
  83. Family Christian Store
  84. Hobby Lobby
  85. Farmers Markets
  86. Our favorite vacation spot - Gatlinburg!
  87. So many happy childhood memories!
  88. Christopher so eagerly painting when I get a nudge to change a wall color, he's good and thorough
  89. Hearing Dan call me by so many nicknames, can't remember the last time he called me Judy!
  90. Hearing 'mommy', I love it!
  91. Christian suspense fiction, so many good little time!
  92. Prayer time
  93. Blogging - a wonderful outlet for my need to write
  94. Hand sewing
  95. Sewing machines for those big projects!
  96. Freshly ironed clothes
  97. Coffee percolating in the morning
  98. Making little prim sayings stitcheries to frame
  99. Watching Christopher working with wood
  100. Simple joys in everyday!
  101. An extra one!!!!! Online friends found through blogging!

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