Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Simply Watching the Fog Burn Off

Oh it's a beautiful morning here in Kentucky. It's been extremely foggy, at 5am they said the visibility was almost zero for the folks going to work. Now at almost 11am it's still lingering in the woods in the back. I love a foggy morning, they remind me so of being at my Grandparents house as a child, they lived in southern KY and had a farm so we spent many a weekend running through the meadows, picking wildflowers, being amazed at the June bugs, and running, running, running, seems we never walked because we were having so much fun we wanted to enjoy every second!
As is sit here looking out my window at the trees with the fog still lingering I just feel a wonderful sense of peace and calm. The peace is not a peace of this world, it's a peace that only comes from knowing the Father and allowing His love to shower down on us every minute of every day. If we waited for a sense of peace in this world we live in, I fear it would never come. We have the news pounded at us 24 hours a day now courtesy of cable TV and CNN, MSNBC...etc. When I do turn on the TV, which doesn't happen very often to view the news I always turn it to Fox News, I appreciate their reporting style and feel that I'm hearing the truth, which you don't often hear these days.
We have a full day ahead of us, a soap/candle making station to set up in the garage, also making sure to have room to make my wooden signs, lots of cleaning but it's a beautiful day so far so we'll just open the garage door and appreciate the cool breezes coming through!

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