Saturday, September 12, 2009

Simply Thankful for A Finished Job

Well, we have been trying for weeks to get our garage all cleaned up, the heat was keeping us from getting it completed, no air flow makes it an oven out there even in the cooler temps. Well, today Christopher and I worked very hard and got it all finished and tidied while Katie kept very busy working inside, now to start our woodworking, candle dipping and soap making in our brand new space. We've always made our soaps in the kitchen but I really hate to make the mess in there because Katie works so hard keeping it tidy and neat and the soap things just make such a mess....although clean up is easy since it's soap! Well, now it's all going to be out of her way so she can keep it just as tidy as she likes.
Keep in mind while looking at the photos that this is a garage so won't look perfect, but at least it's tidy and things are in their place, we do still need to paint the lamps and bring in the house and put a few other things elsewhere but we've got plenty of area room around the table.
Here are some pics of the finished result:

Some of the wood and stencils we will use:

More of the stencils:

Finally some tidied shelves:

The work area, still need to bring out all the fixins for the candles and soaps:

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