Friday, September 11, 2009

Simply Fall!

As I've said before, we've been incredibly blessed with cooler weather this summer, it's been wonderful! I am a huge fan of the cooler weather and welcome fall with open arms!!! Poor Dan on the other hand loves it in the 90's and 100's so he's been very disappointed with the cooler temps, he works outside at Delta and also climbs in the belly of those planes and loves it hot, hot, hot...I would say I feel sorry for him but I can't help but love these cool temps!!! There's always next summer for him to look forward to!

The temps right now are cool and there's a bit of a chilly breeze blowing in the window, it's been perfect weather for working in the garage today...we've just about got our new work area ready to start making the next batch of signs, can't wait to get started.

I've been busy making stitcheries and dishcloths and really am ready to start on some new woodworking projects. Katie and I also bought some more Christmas gifts this week so I need to get some things wrapped so I won't be doing that at the last minute, I hate having them all piled up. I also found a calendar at Hobby Lobby for 2010 for my kitchen, it's a Gooseberry Patch calendar, I just love all their cookbooks, items and calendars! Such a great country feel to everything! Hobby Lobby also has all their Christmas items out and we had such fun looking through everything!

Well, it's almost 9pm and we just brought the rest of our things in from the clothesline, it's been a very, very busy day! I know all the old instructions for being a homekeeper say you should never have your clothes on the clothesline past 4pm, I try really hard to follow that but today just got away from us!

I'm really enjoying reading all the blogs about folks getting ready for fall and winter, there's just such a wonderful cozy feeling about preparing for the cooler seasons!

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