Friday, September 18, 2009

Simply Fall! 98 Days until Christmas!

We're so enjoying the cooler temps here in Kentucky, it's such a nice blessing to have a breeze blowing through, we live at the top of a ridge so we get incredible breezes.
I saw today that there are only 98 days until Christmas! I was wondering how many folks have the majority of their Christmas shopping finished by Thanksgiving...I'm not one of them!!!...but every year it's my goal. We make alot of our gifts so we have most of those finished early but then there's the question of what to get the rest of the folks. When our kids were little Christmas shopping was such an easy thing but at their ages now it's quite a bit more complicated. All of them love to read so books are always in abundance under the tree but after that it all gets a bit more difficult.
Our family is a bit different in that the things we like are not at our local stores, it's always been that way with us. The books/items we like are from places like:
even the patterns Katie and I use are not from the local stores, although we have been known to use costume patterns to make our skirts/dresses...that's just what works for us.
Dan is and always has been happy with anything that has Nebraska Cornhuskers or University of Kentucky Wildcats so he's very simple to please, I'm happy with anything I can use for the kitchen..etc., we're truly simple people.
Although I say the kids are harder to shop for they too are quite happy with the simple things, Katie loves dresses for her dolls...still, so sweet! and anything for her hopechest, journals, pens, etc.....the boys are happy with a swedish fire steel, flashlights and maybe some tobacco for their pipes that they smoke about once or twice a year.
Yes, we've always been simple folk happy with the simple things in life....our joy has always been in being together, homeschooling, homekeeping for us girls....the simple life!

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