Thursday, September 10, 2009

Simply Embracing Change....why is it so difficult!!??

I had an interesting day today, Dan decided that he really wanted a new pair of tennis shoes, he's had his for awhile now and didn't really like them when he got them so we were off hunting for the perfect shoe.
Well, first of all Dan is a jock, you'll always see him in shorts and tennis shoes unless he's going to work then it's uniform and work boots or church which is suit and brown shoes. Yes, he's one of those people that only needs three pair of shoes and those will last him for years and years and years! His work boots do wear out quicker so he has to replace those sooner but otherwise his shoes literally last him a good 3-5 years and that's with daily wear. Well, he's the kind of fellow that likes to wear high tops, he's been wearing them for over 25 years so why stop now. He just recently stopped wearing tube socks, the kids had told him for years he needed to not pull them up to his knees but that was what he was used did start pushing them down a couple of years ago! Didn't really matter to me, we're not folks that are concerned about being in style or caring what the next person wears, to us clothes are just necessary...we're totally not in style with our fashion, we just like the classics.
Well, what he wanted was a pair of simple leather white high tops with a good amount of blue on them (think University of Kentucky blue...yes we bleed Blue!!!!...Go Wildcats!!!) know, the kind he bought back in the 90's...imagine his disappointment when we couldn't find those.......we saw pink (for men!!!), light blue, neon, yellow and blue plaid, red and black name it they have it....except that is for those old faithfuls that he loved so much. Our fellows would never wear anything pink....they are manly men and believe that pink is for girls only!!!
After going through the entire mall....the Florence Mall, which is a place none of our boys go to unless it's the very last resort and then they go kicking and screaming but this was the last resort for Dan! We looked in every store that had 'gym' shoes and in the last store...the Finish Line..he found a pair of just regular low top Nike's that he decided to try....he walked around for a bit and decided he might as well get them since he wasn't going to find what he really wanted...LOL.
He now has them on and likes them pretty well, I hope they work well for him because he'll be wearing them for the next few years on a daily basis!!! He spent $50.00...which he thought was just absurd, he's still clinging to buying tennis shoes for less than $20.oo...yeah he really doesn't like going shopping very often!!!! he definitely will get his money's worth!

Yes, Dan and I have a rough time dealing with change, we're not the first ones to have the newest thing, I still have some casette tapes that I listen to...although I will say that an ipod might be in my future...having a small little thing that is portable, you can listen to it through the tape player in the car and park it on the speaker base at home and load it with tons of my favorite songs without going through the whole tape to find your favorite song....sounds good!!!....although it's modern technology the idea of less clutter and it being compact is truly in keeping with our 'simple life'!!!

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