Monday, September 28, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

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FOR TODAY...September 28th, 2009
Here in Kentucky

Outside my window... sunny!!!, we've had 9 straight days of rain after a dry spell. Today is cool and very breezy

I am wonderful these cool days are, it just seems to energize us!

I am thankful for...constant laughter in our home

I am wearing...denim jumper, white top

I am remembering...??? not thinking back this morning I guess.

I am finish up some of my signs today and tweek my lotion bar recipe a bit

I am reading...the scriptures, Randy Alcorn's book, Deadline

I am get my home management binder updated

On my mind...I have two people sitting here keeping me from having a thought of my own, they're too busy answering my questions for me in some very odd ways!!!

From the learning rooms...I'm starting a Titus 2 study

Noticing that...the nights are very chilly, might be time to bring out the electric blanket soon

Pondering these words...weebles wobble but they don't fall's those two people again forcing their thoughts on me

From the kitchen...still in question?

Around the house...need to cozy things up a bit for fall, pull out some covers and rugs

One of my favorite things~having these two here with me, they keep me laughing!!! (that would be Christopher and Katie)

From my picture journal...
Just a pretty Kentucky sky courtesy of Katie

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