Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Simple Rainy Autumn Days

Oh, we've been having rainy days lately and it's wonderful! The grass had turned a yucky brown because of a few weeks of no rain and now everything is just so green and beautiful. The humidity has brought the heat back so the AC is roaring again but I don't mind, the rain is much needed, although I know there is major flooding in some areas, we're praying for those folks.
We've had such dry weather that the outdoor plants were just drying up but things are looking so much better now and hopefully there weren't too many trees ready to drop their leaves, it's sad when the rain washes away the leaves before we get to enjoy the beauty of the leaves turning.
The rain has been perfect for us getting our work inside finished, perfect for cleaning the basement, it's nice and cool down there with the air on, then getting comfy to read for awhile during the breaks! We love to read here in our home and our Katie has been writing some stories for us, mysteries that are very good, she's got a very wild imagination and we're blessed to be her audience as she writes and reads to us! Christopher got some new books today from, they have some excellent specials going on right now.
Well, we're off to a Dr. appointment and then home to make some soap and Katie's going to make some of her whole wheat bread for us...yummy!!!!

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