Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Simple Observations

We had a few errands to run this morning so we were up bright and early. We had to stop at a few places and one of the places was the mall....again, twice in one week is a record for me! Well, we started to walk in the main doors of the mall and there were two fellows in front of us, the fellow right in front of us went on in and let the door close right in front of Katie and I. Katie's usual response is 'thanks alot', of course no one can hear her but me. My usual response is 'you know these aren't our boys', our 'men' know to hold the door for a lady and wouldn't ever let that door close in a ladies face.
This got me curious so for the next couple of hours I purposely paid attention to the attitudes of those around us and waiting on us. According to my observations from here in our part of Kentucky, people are pretty miserable, or at least that's the way they show themselves to the world. I wonder how many of these folks know how their countenance appears to those around them? I like to think that as Christians we have plenty to be smiling about, not silly smiles, just sincere smiles because we have the peace of the love of our Father and the promise of Heaven, wonder why we don't show that to the world?
I've been around so many folks that will tell you that they are Bible believing, Lord lovin' die hard Christians and I believe that they truly believe that...but how can a Christian...turn their back on someone in need?, turn their back and snub their noses at gays?, snub their noses at other religions?, disconnect themselves from folks because of their different beliefs?
As Christians, Paul calls us all saints. We are to spread the gospel whenever we can and search out opportunities to do so, if we only associate with fellow Christians how can we spread the gospel, Christians already know it.
My prayer is that we can really pay close attention to how we present ourselves to the world, it might make an enormous difference to someone and isn't that what we're to be about?

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