Thursday, September 17, 2009

Simple Fixes

Awhile back we lost some of our shingles in a storm, it's just one small patch over the garage but it definitely needed to be fixed. Checking out some of the roofing companies in the are it would be appr. $200 to get it patched up, actually that's the lowest, once they get up there it goes up.
Dan and Christopher decided that it would be a simple fix so we went to Home Depot and picked up some shingles, nails and that cloth you put down first. We paid $50.00 and will do it ourselves. The only problem is with the angle of the roof, it is pretty steep in that part but Dan feels he can stay there long enough to fix it.
We have found it to be amazing that we can save so much money by doing it ourselves. Christopher will sit and read online until he feels like he has the idea down and then he just starts fixing things, he can grasp concepts so quickly and fix things very quickly. I, on the other hand can fix things but I'll always want to do it my way, sometimes that's okay, other times it's no good at all! I'm a real rebel when it comes to following rules so I like to try my way, my way doesn't always work but I'm stubborn and like to try it anyway.
Well, there are plenty things to do today, I've got to stencil a few signs and get my soap and candle items together. We like to make our candles from pure beeswax so I've stocked up on it every now and then so I must put it all in one spot and start dipping those candles.

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