Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Randy Alcorn: Deadline....my thoughts

Well, I've finished this book, it's the first in a series so I'm waiting for the library to get the next one in.

Lately I've been reading a lot of Christian fiction, I've read:
Brandilyn Collins
Colleen Coble
Terri Blackstock
Mindy Stearns Clark
Hannah Alexander
Lorena McCourtney
Lyn Cote
Patricia Sprinkle
Christy Barritt
Linda Hall
Kathryn Mackel
Lori Copeland
I really love reading Christian Suspense, the first one I ever read was by Terri Blackstock, it was the Cape Refuge series. Now, I had never read a suspense book before so I was shocked when I started getting scared just reading a book! I have always been one of those people that can't watch scary movies, I still have nightmares from watching Psycho when I was younger!
I started reading Christian fiction after our homeschooling years were over, up until then it had always been just reading to learn. Since my years of teaching were over, I thought I would just start reading a bit of fiction but did not want to start reading books with profanity, etc. in them so I checked out Christian fiction and was pleasantly surprised.
These are just a few of the authors I have read, I decided initially I would try just the female authors, just to narrow down the authors a bit but have found that I'm just about through all of them so it's time I ventured out to the male authors. The Hannah Alexander books were written by a husband and wife team, that's their pen name.
Anyway, I also found that after reading Terri Blackstock or Brandilyn Collins I had to find some lighthearted fiction so that's when I started searching for some Christian humor mystery, you can only read so much Blackstock and Collins until you have to have a break and reading something lighter, their books can be very intense.
Christopher was researching some books he wanted to read and had Randy Alcorn on his list, he reads his non-fiction books, but he saw the fiction books and thought I would enjoy them.

Deadline was serious from the first word and I have to say that I'm a different person for having read this book, it is one of those books that should be a required read for every adult on this planet. I found that I couldn't put it down but then I didn't want to pick it back up, it would have been easier not to read it! Not only was it intense from the first but it also was very thought provoking, I found myself crying when I read about Finney's journey and then eventually very, very saddened by Doc's. This book is fiction but there is so much truth in it. I found myself thinking about things very differently and although Randy is quick to point out that his vision of Heaven/Hell is simply from pictures in his own mind from reading the Word, he opened my mind up to things I had never thought about before and made me think about what Heaven might be, it's a wonderful thing to think about isn't it?!

In my search for Christian fiction authors I really had to do some major research, I finally found that if I went to CBD.com it made things more simple because they've already got the authors catagorized. I then just go to our local library online and put the books on hold, drive over and pick them up at the drive up window, couldn't be simpler!
Unfortunately CBD does have some authors that might be Christian but their style is not necessarily for Christian readers, such as me. I have to weed through those and just send them back to library when I find these, there have only been a few but even though fiction might not be scriptural, I refuse to read garbage any more than I want to watch it on television. I want to have something to think about as I read these books. Also, I quickly found that it was best to go to CBD because then I could weed out the romance books, I don't want to fill my mind with a false picture of real life and I think these send you to a fantasy land that can give you the wrong impression of love/marriage.

I'm now going to move on to reading some of the male Christian suspense authors, not sure if I can read a Ted Dekker yet but I'll maybe work my way up to it! There are some excellent authors out there and CBD is an excellent source for getting the books at a good price, but of course our local libraries are perfect for those of us who really need to watch those pennies!

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