Saturday, September 26, 2009

Randy Alcorn: Deadline

I'm reading this book and am fascinated with Randy Alcorn's writing. He has an amazing way of wording things and brings you right into the story. This is a fiction suspense and I'm finding it hard to put it down but I also find myself saying, 'I don't want to read anymore'. It's very rare that I find a book that's this intense and I'm just blown away with what I've read so far.
I want to post just a paragraph of it here, but first a bit of info on it:
Without giving any of it away this fellow named Finney, who was a Christian here on earth has passed away and is in Heaven now, he's met some of the people he knew on earth and is just amazed at how perfect everything is in Heaven, then he meets Jesus:
Finney gazed into those eyes that could have killed him with a look, but which instead conveyed unmistakable approval. But he could also sense something more in those eyes, something different than he would have expected. An then Finney's gaze moved to those carpenter's hands that had been placed on his shoulders. On them he saw deep and ugly scars. Flinching at the sight, he looked down at the feet. They too were torn in a ghastly disfigurement. How could this be? All was to be perfect here, was it not? The first of many surprises.
In a flash of insight, Finney knew what every child understands about heaven, that every body there would be perfect, unblemished, and unscarred. But now he saw that the scars of earth were not pretend or imaginary, but very real, and could only be gone here because someone else had chosen to take them on himself. The carpenter's scars would remain forever. The only one who would appear less than perfect in eternity would be the eternally perfect one himself.
Finney looked into the eyes again, knowing they saw every thought within him. The perfect and scarred one said simply, "For you, my son, for you."

Of course none of us know what Heaven will truly be like but what an incredible picture this is, I literally cried when I read this because whether this is true or not the image is still there. We know Christ died that painful death for us, for our sins, we sinners who are undeserving of even a little of His Grace continue to be showered with it, it's almost too much to comprehend.

Yes, He died for us. Such wondrous love!

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