Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Our Simple Journey

When our kids were young we lived in a small little house on a very hidden street in a nice little town. Although we were in the middle of town our little street was a small dead end street that most people didn't even know existed. There were only about a dozen homes on the street and everyone knew everyone else and we visited on front porches with the elderly ladies on the street, it was such a great place to raise our children. We had woods in our back yard so the kids could make forts, run, play hide and seek and we had huge trees that they loved to try to climb, they were pretty small so those trees were a bit beyond their climbing abilities. We had total privacy so I hung my clothes on a clotheline and we had a nice little flower garden out front which is where we learned to grow certain flowers. Our little house had two bedrooms, one bath, kitchen, dining room, living room and a finished room downstairs, it was very small but I truly believe that loves grows best in tiny houses, you really have no place to go so you just enjoy your family!
Our kids started their school years going to the independent school in that town, it was a very small school going from K-12 in one building and we were happy with the teachers etc. until we got to jr. high years when we decided to pull them all out and homeschool them. The decision to homeschool was something I had been considering for a couple of years but it was completely foreign to Dan so I waited until he gave the okay. He really did not want to pull them out of school and didn't understand at all my desire to homeschool so I finally just asked him if he would give me one year to homeschool them, if he wasn't happy with it we would put them back in school, he finally agreed and the kids and I were elated!!!!! I had read everything I could get my hands on about homeschooling so I knew what I needed to do etc. and was soooo ready to start them in homeschooling, what a fun time we had through the years!!!!
In our desire for change and now that we were homeschooling the families we had been friends with started to pull away from us and slowly we were led to move further out in the country. Our church also started having problems and since we were very involved in our church we felt the desire to move away from the town and the church and try to find a place where we could have a bit of a fresh start. Although not everyone would want to make such a drastic change it was definitely the best for us, we found our house and were so ecstatic about having two bathrooms and three bedrooms but the funny thing is we still seem to all stick together on the main floor, guess that closeness just never left us.
We did find a local church and started attending but as soon as we became members there was a controversy when the pastors wife sued for divorce and then the church was divided and we quietly left that church and have never had a visit from them since!!! That by the way, was over 8 years ago, they still send us mail but have never, ever called to ask why we don't come to church anymore!!!
We did visit some other local churches, I've thought about writing a book about how we were treated in each we visited. In one of the churches the pastors sermon was about how his members think he needs to draw new people in but he doesn't think they need new members (that was very welcoming to us visitors now wasn't it????LOL), at another church, although it was packed with people only one couple came up and spoke to us, they were so nice, but the rest of the congregation obviously wanted nothing to do with us, guess they figured they had enough members so they didn't have to welcome us. We never visited a church twice because of the lack of warmth and welcome, kind of puts a bad light on some Christians, don't you think???
Our desire for like minded and hearted friends has left us a bit alone at times as there just don't seem to be a lot of homeschooling, conservative families like us....this is where the internet has been wonderful for us, we've found friends that live like us and have the same objectives and rules, what a blessing!
Our journey continues and we are hoping to move again sometime soon, not sure where just yet but we know the Lord led us here and are just waiting for His guidance once again! He is that one constant...where would we be without Him?

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