Wednesday, September 30, 2009

No Regrets

I've been surfing the net today, looking at blogs and I just love to read about the homeschooling families, there's just something that pulls me to these blogs. We homeschooled our three and as I read these blogs it of course makes me think back to our homeschooling days, oh such sweet memories.
We pulled our kids out of their independent school back in 1999, their school was very small and we were happy with them attending there until we got to junior high, then the problems with the teachers and the politics at school began. I've talked about all this before, so I'm just stating how it began for us.
We continued to homeschool them until Katie (our youngest) graduated in 2008.
Reading the blogs today I actually started comparing my life to some of these other moms and seeing how their doing things the right way from the beginning. In thinking this I started to think why didn't I do this or that.....and then I stopped myself. My journey is not anyone else's journey and vice versa, nor would I want it to be. I've always said if I could do things differently I would have homeschooled from the very beginning so I guess when I see the families that HS from the beginning I start feeling regretful and start finding fault in the way I did things.
This kind of thinking is just so wrong, isn't it? If I feel that I'm following the path my Father set for me then I obviously cannot find regret with my decisions. In truth, I am so very thankful for the years we did homeschool and for my wonderful husband that although he wasn't for it, allowed me to start homeschooling because I was convicted to do so.
As I get ever so close to the age of ....50...(almost there)...I see things so differently and find myself being thankful for even the smallest of things, the Lord has blessed me abundantly. I have had some really, really bad years with things going wrong, but in retrospect most of those years I was not living for Him, I was living for self but somehow believing that I was living for him, how wrong I was. Today, I have problems, just like everyone else, being a Christian doesn't keep me from bad things, I simply have the promise that He walks with me and carries me through.
My point today is that none of us should regret the past, let's just learn from it and not make the same mistakes again. I had a friend in high school that got pregnant the year we graduated, she had the baby a few months after...the next year she was pregnant again, this time by a different fellow. She never had anymore communication with either of the fathers and raised her sons alone (the last I heard). I remember thinking that anyone can make a mistake once, but couldn't figure out how she could make that same mistake again, just a few months later. I'm sure if I knew her today she would say that her sons were not a mistake and of course that was just her journey but I do think that we should learn from the first mistake and try not to make it again.
We're not perfect and we're going to make mistakes but we should never dwell on the past and regret mistakes, that's simply not productive, what we must do is learn from it, live for today being aware of needing to be ready for tomorrow. Life is way too wonderful to live with regrets and unhappiness. God is good.

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