Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Memorizing Scripture

Eight Steps to Memorizing Scripture

  1. Set aside fifteen minutes per day for scripture memory.
  2. Choose verses that address your weaknesses, that way you'll have a vested interest in remembering them.
  3. Read the passage aloud over and over.
  4. Break the verse down into logical parts, learn one phrase; then two until you've learned the entire passage.
  5. Repeat the reference often.
  6. It's better to learn a few verses really well then many poorly.
  7. Underline difficult terms or keywords, look them up in the dictionary or concordance.
  8. Write out the verse from memory.

These are great for learning scripture, it really helps to have a set of rules to follow. I personally have a terrible time remembering things so scripture memorization is a really tough thing for me but I do believe it helps to do things like saying them out loud and writing them repeatedly.

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