Thursday, September 3, 2009

Embracing Technology in My Simple Life

Lately I have been putting off typing up a letter I need to send to all of my family. Katie and I are putting together a recipe book full of recipes from our family and I need to type up a reminder letter and get it sent out. Well, this involves sitting down at my computer; typing it up in Works word processor; printing out 40 copies on my printer; typing up addresses to print out on my envelopes; putting them together and taking them to the post office. For some reason I just keep putting this off thinking that it's just gonna take too much time.
Now, let's step back 27 years to when Dan and I got married.....we had a very small wedding but sent out invitations to the few that would be there. This meant I had to find some invitations and since I wanted to personalize it I wrote a poem with all the info and typed it up on a manual typewriter, about 10 times because that's how many invitations we needed and then address all of them by hand, all of this took almost a week to get it all typed on the invitations while manually white outing the mistakes...y'all remember white out don't you?
Well, my letter could be typed, printed, envelopes printed and to the post office by tomorrow if I started on it now and it would actually only be about 1 hour of typing and printing and putting now I wonder why I dread that so much???!!!!
We have come so far so very fast, haven't we? I never thought I would have a cellular phone, ever!!! and now I never leave the house without it, or Katies or Dans or Christophers...we all have them and it's so very commonplace isn't it???!!
To even have a home computer, color printer and I can even print out the postage if I want and put them in my mailbox for the carrier to pick simply boggles the mind!
I embrace technology because of what it can do for me but I never want to let it take the place of 'doing' things myself...I love the old ways and still learn so much about how simple things really are to do ourselves. Yes, I will use technology as time savers and necessities but I will never give up my love of doing things by hand the old way, there's always that chance that we will lose power for awhile and I want to know that we know how to do what needs to be done...and do it well!

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