Monday, August 24, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

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For Monday August 24, 2009

Here in Kentucky...

Outside my's very sunny and breezy, our temps have gone done and it's only in the 70's right now. We have the windows open and hear the birds and all the other critters out in the woods.

I am wonderful it is to have this respite from the heat, usually our Augusts' are hot, hot, hot but it's just wonderfully cool. God is so good.

I am thankful for...that I finally got to see my sweet little parents yesterday, it was my little mama's birthday so we surprised her with a visit, I love being with them!

From the Kitchen...not sure just yet, probably very simple fare. Maybe some sandwiches and some sliced veggies.

I am Reading...My ESV Bible
I am continue with this sense of contentment, sometimes I get so caught up in things I forget to just slow down and enjoy my simple life. I am creating...finished two skirt for me, some gifts for a dear friend of Katie's...also some prim stitcheries, I love making them with little sayings I find, I need to sew a jumper for me, skirt for Katie, a cell phone pocket for the car and a purse for me...can't find one I like so I'm going to make one the way I want it to be, working on a Christmas tree felt project.

I am Praying...for an extended family member going throug
h chemo, for a dear aunt and sweet little cousin who both took a fall last week, for my sweet mother-in-love...I know she is still struggling with the loss.

Around the House...we have a very quiet house, all I hear are my fingers hitting the keys and the critters in the trees out back.

One of my favorite things...watching some of our DVD's together, we don't watch TV very much because there is simply nothing decent to watch but we love some of our DVD's.

A Few Plans for the rest of the week...Just a few business matters to take care of, nothing much else.

Here is a picture thought I'm sharing with you...

this is what is see out my window as I sit here typing.

The odd green thing is my clothesline all folded up under it's cover.

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