Monday, August 3, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

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For Monday August 3, 2009
Here in Kentucky...

Outside my window...Beautiful sunshine and puffy white clouds, it's a beautiful day with a slight breeze, the woods in back are just so lush and green

I am wonderful it is that time eases the pain of grief, the Lord is so perfect in His timing, love and compassion

I am thankful incredibly wonderful husband, he works many hours so I can be a keeper of our home. Many years ago he had to work out of town for three years coming home every week, in those days I was the parent to our three and also had three jobs. Those days were such a struggle but we did what we had to do. He says that working overtime is fine with him compared to commuting every week. God has been very good to us, we are very undeserving

From the Kitchen...fresh ravioli with a light sauce and wilted arugula, kefir smoothies

I am Reading...My ESV Bible, For the Family's Sake

I am accomplish everything on my list this week, having a list keeps us on track and is the only way I can keep things organized.

I am wearing...white top, denim jumper

I am creating...some gifts for a dear friend of Katie's...also some prim stitcheries, I love making them with little sayings I find, I need to sew a jumper for me, skirt for Katie, a cell phone pocket for the car and a purse for me...can't find one I like so I'm going to make one the way I want it to be. Still working on this list from last week.

I am Praying...for an extended family member going through chemo, yes having our health is everything, for a decision our oldest son needs to make.

Around the House...very quiet and peaceful, I love having a calm atmosphere.

One of my favorite things...visiting with our oldest son, he came over last week and we so enjoyed being with him

A Few Plans for the rest of the week...just the typical household chores, no need to leave the house as we have our meals planned for the week. Just enjoy having dh home with us for a couple of days.

Here is a picture thought I'm sharing with you...Dh bought me my hutch a few years ago, we got it from an unfinished furniture store. Ds stained it for me a pretty deep walnut but I was ready for a change, so we painted it a pretty country blue. I'm so happy with it and am always amazed a what a change a coat of paint makes, especially since paint is so very cheap. I bought a quart at WalMart for less than $5.00, had it mixed to the color I wanted and now I have a nice fresh piece of furniture!

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