Sunday, August 9, 2009

Simple Joys

When I was a very young girl I used to watch my mother crochet and just be so mesmerized watching her stitches. At about age 11 she taught me how to crochet and I still love it and have taught my Katie how to crochet also, not only do I love making things with my hands but I love the steady rhythm of stitching and the instant gratification of seeing your work grow right in front of your eyes.
I have made many, many things through the years but the most complicated I ever did was called the broomstick stitch, I think I made this baby afghan when I was about 14 and did use it to cover all three of our babies at one time or another. These were my favorite colors back in those days and I just loved how bright it came out and the bit of glittering flecks that flow through the yarn. Someday I hope to get a spinning wheel so we can spin our own yarn and as I've never had access to it I would just love the feel of creating with real wool as opposed to these synthetic yarns.
In the images the afghan is leaning against my open cedar chest which is where it lives these days, except when I decide to go on a journey through my memories by looking through my cedar chest. My sweet mama bought me the cedar chest also and I just love it. I keep all the favorite mementos of the babies, our wedding, etc. in there so every now and then it's like Christmas to go through it because I quickly forget what's in there!

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