Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Simple Coat of Paint

This is a desk my parents had sitting in their family room for years. I'm not sure how old it is but I remember having it growing up so it must be quite a number of years old. It is solid wood and was stained with a wood stain and had been that way for years. We removed the old metal handles, sanded it really well, applied a primer and painted it a country green. I think it looks really nice and new again.
The photo shows some discoloring, it doesn't really look that way, I think the camera flash is picking up the clear finish I sprayed on it. In person it's just a solid green. This desk was a nice piece but not really high quality, I would never touch a good quality antique piece of furniture, this was simply our work desk.
It always amazes me what a simple coat of paint will do! So cheap and easy but yet you get a fresh piece of furniture and you can us any color you choose.
This is the top of the desk all ready for me to sit down and get some work done. The plants are re-potted from arrangements that were sent to dear fil's funeral, in all we were able to re-pot about 12 plants, I love to have lots of indoor plants and these are special to us. the oil lamp I made with one of my blue mason jars that I collect and the lamp was a yard sale find for $2.00, I had it re-wired and it works great. The country sign we made here in our work shop and the frames are the high school diplomas of our three from their homeschool graduation. We had a simple family graduation ceremony and party for them, Tommy graduated in 2003, Christopher 2005 and Katie 2008, they are such fine young people, we couldn't be more proud or love them more! Here's another view:

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