Thursday, August 6, 2009

Simple Beauty of Nature

We were blessed with a beautiful day today so we decided this afternoon to go for a drive. Years ago when the kids were younger our favorite thing to do was just take off on a drive, our goal was just to find the best back roads and hopefully find a treasure that we had never seen or known about before. One of our drives we started down a road and ended up in Warsaw KY, we had never been there before and it's such a pretty little river town, we usually find a park and just have fun for awhile. Today our drive took us down a road that eventually led to Falmouth KY, it's another pretty little town, we used to go down there and shop at an antique store but it's not there anymore. It was a beautiful drive and it was so nice to have the car windows down and enjoy the sun and breeze.

Below are some photos Katie took on our way:

The gardens are all growing so well because of all the rain we've had. This has been one of the nicest summers we've had for awhile. We've had drought conditions the past two summers so this year has been such a treat. The temps have not been very high either although they will be going up in the next few days and probably stay that way until the end of August.

I hope you enjoyed our little view of our Kentucky!

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