Friday, August 28, 2009

Proverbs 31 Thoughts - The Flourishing Mother

The Flourishing Mother
  1. Knows who she is.
  2. Has purpose and vision. Proverbs 29:18
  3. Overflows with joy.
  4. Is contented in her home.
  5. Is in control.
  6. Lives in rest.
  7. Has a servant attitude.
These are from my Prov. 31 notes, I love to have these things to look at when I'm feeling like what I do really doesn't matter much to anyone. This has been especially difficult since our homeschooling years are over. Somehow I lost sense of my purpose and wondered what I was doing that really made a difference, I mean our kids had learned what they needed from me so now what do I do? Life can be really difficult sometimes and I can't imagine what people do that don't have the Lord and His word. At times when I'm feeling useless I simply read the Word and realize that my problem is thinking too much of self, when we put others first we will always know that what we are doing matters, it's when we start thinking of self that we digress into a pity party and let in the bad thoughts and question our self-worth. I personally want no self-worth, I pray only to be an empty vessel for the Lord to use, we are to die to self daily and follow Him and His Word.

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