Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I Am From...

I am from dust and dirt and sweat of the brow, from chicken, pigs, cows and a horse pulled plow.

I am from the slow and quiet sounds of nature, a home that's a silent and simple cocoon in this world of so very much.

I am from the corn stalks, fields of green beans and tomatoes, the beauty of the many hues of yellow, green and red, the sweet, pure taste of nature.

I am from family reunions and simple joys of a loving family, from Jack and Maude, Amanda and Fred and Rene.

I am from the evenings on the front porch swing and chasing lightening bugs.

From hard working and make do with what you have.

I am from true Southern Baptists, the Patriarch of our family a Baptist Minister but especially from folks that love the Lord and put Him above all else.

I'm from the Burns' of Kentucky, gathering ginseng, growing food for need, raising, nurturing and loving children with a tight reign.

From the coal miners who worked hard and lost their lives to barely make a living, the salt of the earth, and the simple life of working with our hands that have led me to teach myself to make our own soap, crochet dishcloths, food made entirely by hand and from scratch, truly making everything we can by hand and using as little electricity as possible, loving the feel of dirt as I dig in the soil, then pluck a tomato from it's vine, taking our children out of school to homeschool them especially to make sure they have a good firm foundation and most of all to love the Lord with all their heart.

I am from photos filling scrapbooks made by our hands, smiling and non-smiling faces on our walls that we walk by daily as we stroll through our home, the past that is ours only...a heritage that will continue through the generations.

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