Friday, July 10, 2009

Simple Read - The Mother at Home

I've read this book before but wanted a refresher on it. If you are a mother or hope to someday be a mother this is such an excellent book. It's all about raising your children in the fear of the Lord. There are so many books about child rearing and parenting that I personally find to be not only just some fluff but also completely against the scriptures and if it goes against God's word why even fill our mind with such garbage?
Our children are grown now, 24, 22 and 19 so our child rearing days are over, now we get to enjoy the fruit of our labors and let me tell you raising children is not easy work, it can be fun at times but it's a job that is 24/7. We don't just have to be there for our children all the time we have to be constantly available and quick to discipline, we must discipline in the moment and being consistent with it.
When our children were younger we found that we had to be clear and concise in our choice of discipline and Dan and I had to be in total agreement. Now, what this meant to us, since Dan worked lots of long hours at Delta, was that he would back up whatever my decision was. I was not a wife that called her husband about every little thing, I couldn't have if I wanted to because he was so busy, so disciplining was done quickly and the punishment was given right then. We were not big on punishing our children unless their actions harmed themselves or others, strict words can be very convincing to a child only if they know that we mean what we say and I always meant what I said.
Our sons were/are very respectful of their mother because they saw their father being respectful of their mother and vice-versa, in the 26 years we've been married we've probably had less than 5 real arguments and I'm sad to say those were mostly my fault...or lets say the fault of hormones...Dan has never been one to raise his voice or to argue, he has an even temper which he also learned from his father, so we know that our actions directly affect our children's actions now and in the future.
When our oldest was 2 I took him into a Christian store to look around, when we got back into the car he showed me some erasers he put in his pocket for his cousins. He was very young but we had a short chat about taking things without paying and went right back to the store where I explained to the clerk and had him apologize, the clerk thought I was being ridiculous because our son was so young but I knew that it had to be addressed right then and severely. Believe me, my son was very embarrassed and did not want to do that but we did it anyway because it has to be done in the moment for them to understand what they've done wrong. We did some talking about it later and he truly didn't know it was the wrong thing to do, it's all about we as parents teaching them right and wrong.
The scriptures mandate that we raise our children according to the Word and that they understand the need to do what Jesus says is right. My kids have known Jesus and loved Jesus from an early age so if I said, 'Would Jesus like that?', they knew the answer and stopped the bad behavior immediately.
Parenting to us just seemed to be a no brainer, it's all about raising them in the Word, today we have three incredible young adults to show for our diligence and I'm proud to say that they are our very best friends!

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