Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sweet, Sweet Simplicity

Life and love in it's purest form! That's what is so wonderful about living the simple life isn't it? You need nothing but the very, very basics. Family, home, warmth, food, drink...yes that's what life is all about! I found that even in our homeschooling days things did not have to be complicated, truly the best book you could ever teach from or learn from is the Holy Bible, every answer we ever need is right inside! Of course we loved our books and all of us are still avid readers and we spent many a day just reading in our quiet little places or spending the afternoon at the library, coming home with arms overflowing with our treasures!
Whenever I hear of anyone wondering if they could or should homeschool I want to just scream...YES!...with the Bible, internet and library you have such a vast wealth of information, truly it's information overload! There are so many websites now that have free resources for homeschooling and you can of course even do an online school so there should never be a doubt as to whether you could, of course you can and basically free of charge if you do enough online searching.
I find that I complicate my life sometimes by wanting to do everything from scratch right now, I forget that things have to be done a step at a time because I so overwhelmingly want to do it all now!!! But life does not have to be that way, learning along the way gives us such a wonderful outlook on tomorrow, I believe learning should never end and we should never be stagnant, new adventures, experiences and joys are just one step away! It's taking that first step that hinders so many of us...let's vow to take the first step right now to doing something we've always wanted to do!

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