Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sweet, Sweet Simplicity

It's an interesting thing that I've spent most of my 49 years here on earth thinking that having more things will simplify my life. I guess it was simply our generation, I've lived through the times of having 3 TV channels on our black and white TV as a child(most of the time there was more snow than picture), to at the age of 24 getting cable TV which consisted of approximately 30 stations to now having almost 1000 stations on our digital cable box. Technology is booming and we're being forced to go right along with it, well maybe forced is not the correct word but Dan loves having every cable channel available and lately he's gotten in the habit of watching TV while at the same time playing with his Nintendo DS, he's really into noise and technology!
I'm finding that more things in our home means more noise, chaos, confusion, mindless busyness, clutter and most of all it means less time just sitting down and talking as a family. The white noise from it all keeps you from communicating and actually I find that it keeps me from being able to truly think clearly or being able to focus on prayer time or reading the Scriptures. I have diagnosed myself with ADD and find that all of these things are making it even worse, I know that the confusion in life and boom in noise and technology have taken a big toll on our ability to focus on the task at hand. In light of this, is it any wonder that so many children and now adults are on medications for ADD in all forms and we're finding that the folks going into their 20's and 30's are needing more and more medications to function correctly in our society?
Even in my own home right now, Katie is doing dishes with music playing. Chris has been working on the kitchen faucet which requires a bit of noise, Dan is cutting the grass with his gas powered mower which is so very noisy, cars are going up and down our street, our central air unit is roaring, the ceiling fan is spinning, even my fingers going over the keys are clicking and adding to the'm finding that it's difficult to remember the next sentence I wanted to type, it's all just so very chaotic.
I remember as a child our home was very quiet, of course we were usually outside playing because there was nothing to do inside, there were no shows on for kids until about 4pm when the local kids shows came on and they only lasted for about an hour, then it was back outside to find something to do. Even my mother making a meal was fairly quiet, there was the sizzle of chicken frying in the pan and maybe some water boiling for potatoes but she mashed the potatoes with a hand masher and we had no noisy appliances. We might make a bit of noise making kool-aid, just by stirring it in the glass pitcher with a metal spoon, we didn't have plastic utensils, and of course our meal was served on glass dishes, these were the days before everything was plastic and we certainly didn't even consider using paper products because wasting money or anything else was unheard of in our home. After supper we'd usually sit outside in the summer and after dark we'd chase lightening bugs or the boys would try to catch some worms for fishing the next morning, and then it was early to bed. Going to bed also did not mean turning on the TV, there wasn't anything on that we wanted to watch. Sometimes my mom would turn the radio on real low, I remember many a night going to sleep while listening to Petula Clark singing Downtown or Don't sleep in the Subway or the Mamas & the Papas singing California Dreaming or Monday, Monday. Of course the radio only stayed on for about 1/2 hour or so and then it was listening to the crickets and other night critters that put you to sleep...those were the days!
Well, enough of my visit back to the 60's, I have plenty to do and sadly most of it involves making noise and even running errands in the car....oh the beauty of staying home all day because there was no vehicle to take us anywhere, now that was a time for much creativity and true fun!...well, that's another post all unto itself!

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