Saturday, June 6, 2009

Simple Yummies...Kefir Smoothies...Watermelon...Natural Joys!

We finally got to make our yummy smoothies with our Kefir, sadly none of us could drink the Kefir alone so we added some blueberries, raw sugar and ice cubes to it in the blender and it is sooo yummy!
This is the kefir in a bowl all finished!

This would be our Maiden drinking the juice leftover from the watermelon she cut up for her watermelon juice is the best drink in the world...yes, even better than Starbucks!

Here's her watermelon cut up, her smoothie is sitting next to it.

Her mug of juice!!!! Yummy!

This is her pouring her juice.

Yummy huge bowl of melon balls!

My didn't last long because it was soo good! That's the container of raw sugar sitting next to it.

My freshly poured smoothie...all foamy and ice cold! We not only decorate country style in our home, we also love drinking out of mason jars...years ago we drank out of them at my Grandma's house when there were a bunch of us there and not enough glasses to go around and to this day I'd rather drink out of a mason jar than anything else..except maybe the water dipper with ice cold water straight from the well!

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