Thursday, June 4, 2009

Simple Joys

Isn't it a beauty?!!! We're so very proud!!!LOL
Well, it's fun times here at our little homestead! We are officially parents of a 'scoby'!!! Joy, joy, joy! We have waited for so long to have a scoby and we finally ordered one from a very dear lady close to KY because our own little experiment with growing a scoby fizzled out on us!
Well, we now have our scoby in a strong batch of tea making us a nice, healthy batch of Kombucha! We will have seven days to wait but are so excited to finally be on our way with the wonderful world of Kombucha!
The same dear lady also had some Kefir grains for us so we have had some Kefir preparing in our brewing cupboard...we're going to go get that transferred over to start a new batch right now...can't wait!!!

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