Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Simple Beauty of Nature

I bought this hanging petunia from a nursery and just love it, the colors of yellow, red and purple are just stunning together! This was my choice, Katie's is beautiful also, I'll post a photo of it next week!This hydrangea bush I purchased about 8 years ago and planted it in the ground next to our front porch. The sticker that was with it said that it was an annual so I assumed it would not come back the next year, well even in our cold snowy winters it has come back every single year and gets huge! The flowers are periwinkle and so very showy! I actually think that the foliage itself is showy enough even before the flowers blossom, it's just so green and bushy! Whenever I think of a hydrangea I think about the scene on It's a Wonderful Life where Mary loses her robe and has to hide in the hydrangea!!! Oh, how I love that movie!

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