Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Simple Read - We Took to the Woods

I am a huge fan of going back to the basics, doing everything the old ways, etc. I love reading any type of book that can help me implement some of those ideas and ways into our lives and I really do learn so much from them.
This book however is not about how to do these things, it's about a family that literally left everything behind to go live way, way out in the woods. They build everything themselves and have very few neighbors. I really am enjoying reading their story, their can do/must do spirit is intriguing and as much as I've always loved the idea of chucking it all and starting from scratch with just the basics I am seeing how difficult it can be.
They do not garden for the joy of it or raise animals as pets, the things they do dictate whether they will be able to feed their family and live from year to year, and truly the work they put into it dictates how well they will be fed come winter.
I do see that their choices would not be my personal choices, I do not want to be out in the middle of nowhere with no neighbors and months and months of total solitude. The idea of that is certainly not conducive to being able to fellowship weekly and throughout the week with a church family and I appreciate the fact that we live close to our parents, we want to be available when needed and just love getting to talk to them on the phone everyday and visit as often as we choose.
I also see that there would certainly be a deliberateness to everything you do in such living conditions, walking on your land to do chores you really would have to be extra careful about safety as an injury could certainly be fatal if you were not able to get to a medical facility or help quick enough. These folks have quite a few months of being unable to travel or leave their land at all so you would have to have a very good supply and knowledge of medicines whether they be herbs or a supply of medicines from the apothecary shop.
I've only finished half of the book because the last week there has been no time for reading so I'm eager to get back to it. I ordered the book from Amazon but I'm sure there are libraries that have copies of it. It is a wonderful cuddle up with a cup of tea and read book, the writing I believe is excellent and I love hearing about the family's adventures and all of their 'neighbors' (who are too far away to be called neighbors).
I'm not sure I want to finish it as it's that enjoyable but when I do I'll share my thoughts on the book as a whole.

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