Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Woman's Mission

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I've just finished reading A Woman's Mission by John Angell James, this is actually a booklet of excerpts from the book Female Piety, this is such a great read, very short but gets directly to the point. If we are in need of seeking to define of our mission as wives, mothers, homekeepers this will put it into perspective for you. I have read Female Piety and it is wonderful, this booklet is a wonderful tool for those that seek to be what they should be but need a reminder.
Of course the Bible in itself is full of examples and lessons for us, but a quick read is sometimes much needed in times of questioning.

This is how the back of the book describes it...and I find it to be perfect!

As lines are continually blurred by our culture, men and women are losing their sense of identity and purpose, and any ideas of what makes men and women different are being both eroded and ridiculed. But while the culture changes, God does not. He has laid down in His Word what it means to be a woman, and what her mission in life is to be.
This short work is excellent and must read, but also a quick reminder at those times, which we all have, of doubting our mission.

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