Monday, May 11, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

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FOR TODAY...Monday....May 11, 2009...
Here in Kentucky......

Outside my window...Sunny, slightly chilly...beautiful day!

I am thinking...of all the sewing I hope to accomplish before fall, need to stick to my schedule and not be lax in my sewing.

I am thankful for...Wildcatman being on vacation and for him being able to spend 4 days in Texas with his parents and his cousin.

From the kitchen...chicken and fresh veggies

I am top and blue bandana print long skirt

I am creating...a very clean and fresh changing things in spring and clearing all the winter blankets and everything fresh and airy feeling for summer!

I am the airport this evening to pick up dh and his parents...will be so glad to have him back home!

I am reading...Book of Ruth in my ESV Bible, Mary Janes Farm magazine, learning how to make yogurt...made some last week and it turned out terrible, this recipe sounds so much better!

I am hoping...that our kombucha grows a scoby, we started it a week ago and it looks like there might be one forming!!!

I am hearing...quiet...just my fingers hitting the keys

Around the house...laundry to hang out on the line, need to make some soap, clean floors, make some buttermilk and refill the homemade mixes in my hutch.

One of my favorite things...making things from scratch!'s wonderful not using preservatives or extra unknown items, just a few ingredients and we can decide how much sugar, salt etc. we put this simple homemaking life!

A few plans for the rest of the week: Hoping to make a trip to the Amish store we found and do a deep cleaning in the basement and garage, update our pantry inventory.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...Was it only 4 months ago that we were covered in snow and ice? Oh, how I love spring!

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