Thursday, May 21, 2009

Simple Steps to Simplifying

It's funny how many blogs I've read lately of ladies that are feeling a push to 'stock up' and be prepared, there does seem to be an uneasiness in our country but is this the reason or is it something else. Well, I know that the Scriptures tell us that as the keeper of our home we are to be ready for times of famine, so really we should always be thinking about being prepared for anything, who knows when a man made or natural disaster should happen, yes it's always best to be prepared.
Of course as Christians we know that being prepared also means to be ready to help our neighbors, family, anyone that is in need and if we are following the Word then we know that these are not just suggestions, they are fact. Of course we know that the Bible is as relevant today as it was so many years ago, the world may change but the Word does not.

In the course of paring down I believe we must remember that having excess clutter not only keeps us from having an orderly life, it consumes our time, our mind and can even consume our hearts if we find that we love 'things'. I really have to make myself remember that it is just stuff and our wants should never be above our needs, which brings us back to being prepared.

I'm not of the extremist mindset but I do believe we should not be hoarding things that will break down, be unusable during power outage, or are just frivolous because it's not only senseless but it's a sin, in focusing on these 'life simplifiers' we are thinking of self...and the number one thing every single day of our lives should be to first focus on our Father, then our family, then others. I just know that the Lord hurts when we put things first...and hurting our Father is just too painful to imagine, He is the reason for everything...even simplifying.

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