Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Simple Remembrances - Mother's Day

Oh, the love we have for our mothers! Is there anything that evokes the feelings of love like thinking of our mothers? Wildcat Man and I are blessed in that we still have all of our parents with us, there have been some health issues and scares but they are still here and we're just crazy about them! Truly, we are family people, family means everything to us and our parents and our kids are our best friends. We would rather be with them than anyone else, that's just how it works with us. We've taken so many vacations as adults with our parents and just have a blast with them, why is it you enjoy your parents so much more as adults as you did when you were young, I wonder?
Growing up I was a pretty good kid but I had the usual teenage attitude, my mom says she remembers me getting up in the morning for high school and she would come in and say good morning and I would just glare at her...she says she believes I hated her in those years...I may have although I could just cringe now to think of it. My mother raised us by herself from the time I was three until I was nine when she married my stepfather...interestingly enough when I was 29 my stepfather and mom got divorced, shortly thereafter my brother found my father (who hadn't been a part of our lives...many reasons...there's no blame either way) and my dad wanted to see my mom to apologize for leaving us (he was just too young and immature I think...once again no blame)...well, the old spark was still there and when I was 30 I was blessed to be the maid of honor at my parents wedding, my brother was the best man!...those cute little parents of mine have now been re-married for 18 years and we are just one big extremely happy family!!! Yes, I went from being a daughter to a step-daughter, then back to daughter. I have a younger sister from my mother and step-father and two older my dad also remarried years ago and had more kids there are just a bunch of us now...there were some tense times at the beginning but they didn't last long at all once us selfish kids realized that our mom was happy and if she could forgive then certainly so could we. That's the way it has always been with my mom, she teaches us so many things just by quietly living her life.
The most important thing our mother ever taught us was that the Lord is first in everything, if we don't put Him first nothing else really matters because it will all fall by the wayside and life ceases to have a reason...without Him there's nothing.
My parents are both Christians and are just such a sweet little couple, they are an excellent example for all of us. They both had heartache and pain in their lives but they were able to forgive and move on, the past is behind them and that's where it stays. What better example could there be for us and our children?
Not only do I have these incredible parents but my mother and father-in-love are the kindest and most loving parents also, Wildcat Man just loves them and takes care to do things they need him to do...he certainly obeys the fifth commandment in that he honors his mother and father...he also loves and cherishes them...such a good man.
I know there are those that did not have such love from their mothers and oh how I mourn for them, yet I believe that we are to live our lives as an example for our children so what happened in our past does not have to be what our children have to live...we can change this.
Well, I hope all of you mommies have a wonderful day, Wildcat Man will be in Texas with his parents for a little vacation so I will have our kids all to myself!...we will be visiting with my little parents that day also so it will be a lot of fun!

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