Saturday, May 16, 2009

Simple Homemade Recipes - Homemade Gravy

We're really being given a treat this morning as Puritan is making a large breakfast for us! He does not like to cook at all, although he can make anything (all of our children learned to cook from an early age) but he really would rather not cook so this is a special treat for us. He's making biscuits, sausage, eggs, homemade hash brown potatoes, gravy and we're having milk, orange juice or coffee to drink. Of course everything is made from scratch, nice and fresh!

The sausage is Johnsonville pork sausage patties which is the only sausage I can find that has no preservatives or 'stuff' in it, it is really good! Although Puritan is making the meal I'm going to make the gravy, he can make it he just likes me to make it. Gravy is so easy and yet folks make it so complicated, of course I'm a country girl from Kentucky so of course I know how to make good old milk gravy!

This is how I do it:
Brown your sausage in the skillet, take out when finished. Now if you have enough grease left that you can see it you'll be fine. While the grease is still hot pour in about 3 or 4 T of flour and start stirring it all together (you just want to the flour to loose it's raw taste) making sure to scrape up those little bits in the bottom of your skillet. When it's all pulled together and looking quite pasty you pour in appr. 3 cups of milk (we use whole milk), whisking while pouring and now the trick is to keep whisking and don't stop until your gravy starts to thicken, add a bit of salt and plenty of freshly cracked pepper and once it starts to thicken take it off the heat, when removed from the heat it will thicken up more and it's all ready to go! Nice and smooth because of the whisking! Pour it over your eggs, sausage and biscuits...yum! Takes me right back to early mornings at my Grandma's house, such sweet memories!

I don't suggest you have this meal very often, here in our home it's served maybe 3 times a year because of it's negative health benefits but we sure do enjoy it when we do have it! The special occasion today is that Wildcat Man is enjoying his last day of vacation and tomorrow it's back to work! The good thing is that he doesn't really mind, he works at the airport and truly loves his job (he always has), so he doesn't mind going back to work....but he might mind a bit the early mornings starting up again! Well, this is the end of vacation for us too so we will get back on track with things Monday, tomorrow is the Sabbath so we rest.
Monday we continue our spring cleaning that I've been reading up on, we're all set to go and have plenty of it to do...especially after our 12 day vacation!

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