Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Where's Spring? Stocking Up Cookbook

Are the rest of you folks that are still experiencing winter as envious of the 'already have gardens growing' people as I am? Oh, I've been reading some emails and blogs and thinking how wonderful it would be to already have a garden giving us some tasty goodies!!! I just read about someone picking mustard greens and cooking them...oh soooo yummy! The only kind we can get locally is in a bag at the produce dept. in Kroger that has probably been shipped from across the country and will cost about $4.00..ugh...or of course I could go to Cracker Barrel and have theirs...yummy...but who knows what they put in theirs? As I type my hands are so very cold because it is downright cold in our house but starting tomorrow it's supposed to be warming up, I'm so looking forward to it!
We probably will not have many goodies from our personal garden this year as we may be moving and will only have a container garden this year but that's okay because we have some wonderful farmer's markets that we like to frequent so we'll make good use of someone else's goods from their gardens, I love to support the local farmers anytime we can.
I'm reading Stocking Up again right now and getting some plans in my mind about what all I want to preserve this year, I'm really hoping to get a lot of canning and freezing done so next winter we'll be all set and not have to buy canned items at the store, don't you just love the idea of having a fully self stocked larder? It's just a beautiful thing to behold as far as I'm concerned, not only to know that you did all of it yourself but also to know that there are no extra preservatives in there...anyway that's my goal for this summer and fall. If you've never read 'Stocking Up' it's all about preserving the natural way, they have a more updated version than I have listed on my sidebar but I really like this version just fine, it's chock full of wisdom for the homekeeper in all of us ladies! It's full of soooo much knowledge that I have to keep rereading and taking notes on what applies to me, it's really good for those of us that were never shown how to do this or taught how to preserve naturally. Even well into my forties I'm learning something new everyday!

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