Thursday, April 16, 2009

Simple Spring Cleaning

It's occurred to me lately in the planning of a full spring cleaning, that what we are really in need of is a full spring purge! As I go through the items that need to be cleaned, sold, thrown, recycled and given away I see that I have been holding on to way too many things. What I attempt to do in my mind is say that so and so left this here or I'm saving that for so and so, but in reality it is all my clutter and I'm not sure where it all came from! My goal in life is to simplify, and in that I mean in every way because I know that clutter in the home means clutter in my mind and I simply don't want or need that clutter anymore.
When our kids were younger we just had so many items from papers to toys (huge and small) and at this point in my life the clutter must go! We find that we are in the mode of taking care of parents while still being very active in our
children's lives and as it doesn't seem like things will slow down anytime soon, the last thing we need is to have to deal with a bunch of stuff!
We're preparing for a yard sale that we're going to have this weekend and we are going to be very firm in our decisions of what must go because
soooo much must go!!!
In the mindset of simplicity I believe that we must only have exactly what we need with a few special
mementos thrown in but that does not mean to keep everything because it's just not possible and it's not fair to wildcatman and puritan (maiden is her own little neat and tidy young lady also!) because they are men that truly have few needs or wants, they are very easy to please and living in even a little clutter is not conducive to their way of goal is to be like them in this! I need to make our home more comfy for everyone that lives here or visits our home, that's not a very difficult goal because that's exactly how I want it to be also!

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